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Marlyn Compost Pty Ltd is a family owned and managed soil manufacturing business which has been operating for over 15 years. The owner of Marlyn Compost Pty Ltd, Mervyn Russell, has a long family history working within the Sugar Cane Farm Industry. With his wife Lynette, and their 6 children, he branched out with his own farms, instilling his passion for farming and environment onto his children.

Marlyn Compost Pty Ltd had its start when Mervyn was approached to accept waste products from the local sugar cane mill. Through research and sourcing of other re-useable green and raw products, a simple garden mix was produced. Further soil mixes, under turfs and mulches were developed resulting in composting being introduced onsite bringing us to where we are today.

Our soils are delivered and used all over South East Queensland. We accept and recycle green waste, and utilise other natural products saving them from landfill. Through our processes, we are able to produce high quality soils and mulch favoured by our valued customers.

Marlyn Compost Pty Ltd strives to provide quality products, customer satisfaction and to recycle natural resources sustainably with minimum impact to our surrounding environment. 




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